Upskilling & Employability Programmes


Upskilling & Employability Programmes

At SkillFactory we focuses on upskilling youth and enhancing employability. They initially partnered with the Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP) in Kerala to provide plumbing training, training around 2500 youths over four years. Due to COVID-19, the program was temporarily halted but is now being revived through ASAP’s Community Skill Parks. SkillFactory is also an empanelled agency of Kudumbashree, offering skill training programs under initiatives like ARISE in several districts. Their unique approach includes post-training support for trainees’ business ventures, ensuring sustainability. In the coming year, SkillFactory plans to expand its activities across all 14 districts of Kerala. They are also actively involved in providing On-the-Job training and expert interaction seminars for Vocational Higher Secondary School students, emphasizing practical experience and societal impact over monetary gains.

We started our activities by upskilling the youth through the Skill Development Programme ASAP (Additional Skill Acquisition Programme) of the General Education Department of Govt of Kerala. SkillFactory was the implementation partner of IAPMO India for imparting Plumbing Skill Course across 14 districts of Kerala for nearly four years (2015-19). During this period, we have trained nearly 2500 youths. The program hit a roadblock during the COVID-19 outbreak and is being resuscitated in another association with ASAP through their Community Skill Parks in a completely different mode of operation.

SkillFactory became an empanelled agency of Kudumbashree during the Financial Year 2021-22 and has since been conducting skill training programmes under ARISE (Acquiring Resilience and Identity through Sustainable Employment) and other similar initiatives.We have successfully implemented Upskilling Programmes in the districts of Thrissur, Malappuram and Palakkad.

Our speciality is the follow up activities after the completion of training programs and handholding of the business units set up by our trainees for a specified time period, thus ensuring profitability and sustainability for the new firms. Financial Year 2023-24 is witnessing SkillFactory expanding its horizon and spreading its activities across all the 14 districts of Kerala.

We have been actively involved in On-the-Job training (OJT) programmes for Vocational Higher Secondary School students of the state. With the attention more on the societal impact and giving the students the best practical experience during their OJTs, we have conducted several programs for the benefit of the student community which were implemented ignoring the monetary impact on the organization. Moreover, SkillFactory team of trainers have been delivering Expert Interaction Seminars for the students of Vocational Higher Secondary Schools as a part of their curriculum.

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